Dr Adam Cross

Academic Portfolio

Adam is an ecologist with a strong research background and a passion for the natural world. He has authored over 50 scientific papers, books and book chapters, and has studied plants and ecosystems on every continent except Antarctica. His current studies focus on the ecological restoration of degraded landscapes, with research interests also including carnivorous plants and the drivers of community resilience to environmental change. Contact Adam

Dr Adam Cross among four Curtin Tall Poppies in 2020

Adam was one of four Curtin University researchers to receive a prestigious Western Australia 2020 Young Tall Poppy Science Award.

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Adam was named Woodside Early Career Scientist of the Year at the 2019 Western Australian Premier's Science Awards.

We offer a diverse range of professional and ecological consulting services, from independent scientific reporting to flora and fauna surveys and mine closure and restoration planning. We have experience working with some of Australia's largest miners, as well as with the not-for-profit sector, around the country and overseas.

  • Baseline ecological data collection for biodiversity assessment

  • Ecological monitoring solutions for rehabilitation and ecological restoration

  • Planning and target setting for environmental completion criteria in mine closure

  • Environmental data analysis and reporting

  • Commissioned reviews of the scientific literature

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Applied research transforming degraded landscapes into diverse, functional ecosystems

Examination of the ecological cues required for seed dormancy alleviation and germination

Studies in the ecology, biology and evolution of one of the world's most unique and iconic plant groups.

Exploring UAV-based solutions to monitoring the trajectory of rehabilitation and ecological restoration

Studies of biology, seasonal dynamics and ecological resilience in ephemeral wetland habitats

Techniques to improve seed use and make every seed count in rehabilitation and ecological restoration